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Ideal for backyard freestyle flying and park cruising. The HDZero Crux35 is a great choice for pilots looking for a 3.5in prop, sub 250g freestyle drone that includes HDZero’s highest power output VTX and fastest 90hz camera.


This drone’s small size allows pilots to fly in more locations, while the high-power output of the Freestyle v2 VTX delivers ample video reception to the pilot’s goggles. The fast 90hz HDZero Nano 90 camera offers a flying experience like no other – see for yourself the benefits of 3ms (14ms full frame) latency. This combination makes it easier than ever to fly into small gaps at high speeds with confidence.


HDZero Crux35 uses Happymodel EX1404 high-efficiency motors and HQPROP 3.5-inch three-blade propellers resulting in a high thrust-to-weight ratio and long flight times.




Brand Name:   HDZero and HappyModel Co-branded
Model:   HDZero Crux35
Frame wheelbase:   150mm
Weight:   115g without battery
Size:   113mm * 113mm * 47mm
Receiver option:   UART ELRS v3.0
Flying time:8min~12min 4s 750mah battery




Crux35 Frame * 1

CurxF405 HD ELRS AIO Flight controller * 1

HDZero Freestyle v2 VTX + Runcam Nano 90 Camera * 1

Happymodel EX1404 KV3500 brushless motor * 4

HQProp T3.5X2X3Grey (4cw+4ccw) * 1

Screw Driver * 1

Buckle Velcro for battery * 1


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Youtube[$249 3.5in 1W Ripper - HDZero Crux35]

HDZero Crux35

SKU: HDZ3635

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