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HDZero backed HD Video Transceivers


     HDZero Whoop Lite
  • Design for whoops and toothpicks

  • Digital HD video wireless transmitter

  • 5.8GHz, 40 channels

  • 25/200mW selectable transmitter power   

  • MIPI interface

  • 5 watts power consumption

  • Board Size: 32.5mm*32.5mm

  • Mounting Pattern: 25.5x25.2 M2 soft mounting

透明 背面.png
      HDZero Race V3
  • Design for racing frames with 20*20 M3 stack screws

  • Digital HD video wireless transmitter 

  • Durable,soft-mounted design with robust componets

  • Race band, 8 channels

  • Max 200mW RF output

  • Secured U.FL

  • Smart Audio V2.1

  • Board size: 28mm x 32mm x 6mm

  • Mounting: 20mm x 20mm M4 with rubber grommets(clearance for M3 screws)

  • Power/UART harness (no soldering required)

      HDZero Freestyle V2

  • Design for freestyle

  • Digital HD video wireless transmitter 

  • 5.8GHz, 8 channels

  • 25/200/500/1000mW selectable transmitter power   

  • Secured U.FL/Secured MIPI

  • MSP Canvas Mode / SmartAudio

  • Board Size: 29mm*30mm*14mm

  • Mounting Pattern:25.5mm*25.5mm,M2 screws


    HDZero VRX Receiver Module

  • Design for HDZero Backed Tranceiver

  • weight 85g

  • 105 x 25 x 39mm

  • Real Time Clock for DVR recording to show accurate time and date

  • 5.5mm Barrel Connector, 7-26V Center Pin Positive

  • ELRS Backpack expansion plug

  • 4x external SMA antenna connections

  • Ambient Audio Recording

HDZero Event VRX
  • Effortless HDZero and analog auto-switching receiver for racing events

  • 4 channels per box, each of which can receive either an HDZero or analog signal

  • 4x HDMI and 4x CVBS (composite analog) outputs so you can connect to HDMI capture cards or to legacy analog DVR recorders

  • Both digital and analog signals are output on HDMI and CVBS – system chooses video source based on signal

  • 2x SMA antenna jacks that are shared between all 4 channels, so you only need 2 antennas for 4 channels of video

  • Rugged steel enclosure that is designed for mounting to a tower

  • 2D De-interlacer improves analog video quality on HDMI output

  • OLED configuration screen for channel and setting changes

  • 30W power draw, 8-20V DC input

  • AC to DC Power supply included

  • Firmware updates via USB and included Windows PC software

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