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Digital FPV Breakthrough!

HDZero is an unparalleled digital wireless video transceiver technology developed and fully owned by Divimath Inc. A HDZero transmitter broadcasts uncompressed video streams, and any HDZero receivers nearby are able to pick up the video with less than 1ms fixed latency. With its smart de-Noise techniques (patent pending), HDZero is able to reach a much longer range per mW. HDZero works perfectly with current analog video transmitters, and is fully compatible with current race timing systems. With supporting MSP canvas mode and SmartAudio protocol, HDZero works seamlessly with various flight controllers and radio controllers. 

Fat Shark Shark Byte Digital HD System // Beginning of the End of Analog // HD FPV
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Fixed Low Latency

Glass to glass latency < 3ms

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Novel Digital Transmission

Different from analog and traditional digital 

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More Range per mW

Line of sight (LOS) up to 7.3 km

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Smart de-noisy

HDZero provides a robust video link

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Motion Clarity

Transmission errors are isolated to pixels only 

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