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The HDZero MIPI Cable 40mm is a digital HD video connector between HDZero series VTX and a MIPI camera. This short MIPI cable is for use in compact builds like whoop, toothpick, and racing frames.





Model:    HDZero MIPI Cable 40mm
Length:    40mm(1.6 inch)

    20 Pins

Compatible camera:

    Runcam Micro HDZero Camera

    RunCam Nano Digital FPV Camera

Compatible VTX:

    Shark Byte TX5S.1 VTX

    Shark Byte TX5M.1 VTX

    Shark Byte TX5R.1 VTX



HDZero MIPI Cable 40mm * 1


HDZero MIPI Cable 40mm

SKU: HDZ3302

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