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The HDZero MIPI Cable 250mm is a digital HD video connector between HDZero series VTX and a MIPI camera.  This extra long MIPI cable is for use in FPV wings and longer drones, where positioning the VTX further from the camera is desirable. 




Model    HDZero MIPI Cable 250mm
Length:    250mm(9.84 inch)
Pin:    20 Pins
Compatible camera:

    Runcam Micro HDZero Camera

    RunCam Nano Digital FPV Camera

Compatible VTX:

    Shark Byte TX5S.1 VTX

    Shark Byte TX5M.1 VTX

    Shark Byte TX5R.1 VTX



HDZero MIPI Cable 250mm * 1

HDZero MIPI Cable 250mm

SKU: HDZ3304

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