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HDZero ECO camera is designed to bring digital FPV to more pilots by offering a low cost, light weight, and durable alternative to analog video. The digital video signal has stable color reproduction and 720p progressive scan video with the low latency HDZero is known for.


HDZero ECO camera was meticulously designed for ultra-lightweight drones like Tiny Whoops, where every fraction of a gram counts. The camera’s huge 98deg vertical FOV is perfect for fast indoor proximity flying. 




Manufacturer:     RunCam
Model:    Eco
Sensor Size:    1/3 inch
Resolution:    720@60fps 4:3
Shutter:    Rolling Shutter
FOV:    D:150° H:120° V:98°
Input:    3.3V~5V
Power Consumption: 0.5W
Weight:    1.8g(With Cable)






HDZero Eco camera*1



HDZero Eco Camera

SKU: HDZ3261

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