Digital FPV Breakthrough!

HDZero is an unparalleled digital wireless video transceiver technology developed by Divimath,Inc. HDZero transmits uncompressed video stream to reach less than one millisecond latency. With its patent  pending smart de-Noise techniques, HDZero is able to reach much longer range even under multi-path environment. HDZero integrates advanced spectrum filters to allow at least double more pilots flying simultaneously. HDZero works great with existing analog FPV cameras for easy adpotion.


Amazing Technology

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Near Zero Latency

HDZero achieves near zero latency by utilizing two Divimath’s DM5680 wireless HD video transreceiver IC.  The pair, working as transmitter and receiver provides unparalleled robust video/audio/data secure links from air to ground unit. DM5680 transmits raw uncompressed video stream to achieve less than one millisecond latency between video in and video out. The excellent capabilities of anti-interference, low power consumption and small footprint make DM5680 a perfect solution for FPV application.

Smart de-Noise

HDZero smart de-noise capability provides a robust video link and a stable data stream from air unit to ground.  In very low SNR  condition, snow flake artifacts are displayed instead of traditional black out as other digital systems behave.

Long Range

In line of sight (LOS) of 1.24 mi and speed of 93 MPH scenarios, excellent image quality is transmitted and maintained by DM5680’s superior baseband and RF systems.    


Various Resolution

HDZero supports video resolution up to 1080p30. It is typical configured as 720p60 for smooth video link. Though it is designed for digital high definition video, HDZero also supports legacy NTSC/PAL FPV cameras available on the market for easy adoption.

Global Shutter

HDZero employs advanced global shutter CMOS sensor to produce blur-free videos for rapidly moving racing drone.



*Courtesy to runcam.

*Product image, weight and size may vary from different vendors

  • Digital FPV HD Camera (HDZERO-CAM-GS)

  • Global Shutter CMOS sensor

  • 720p50/60

  • 1.8mm Lens, 140 degrees FOV

  • Dynamic Wide Range

  • Size: 18x18mm*

  • Weight: 15g*

  • Digital HD video wireless transmitter (HDZERO-VTX)

  • 5.8GHz, 40 channels

  • 25/50/100/200mW selectable transmitter power   

  • Compatible with legacy analog NTSC/PAL FPV camera

  • 5 Walts power consumption in total for the whole air unit

  • Working temperature:  -40°C ~ 65°C

  • Stackable mount with major FC boards (35mmx40mm)

  • Digital HD wireless video receiver(HDZero-VRX2)

  • Receiver Sensitivity with 2 antennas:-98dBm

  • Very low latency HDMI output(<1ms)

  • 5.5'' 800 nits 1280x720 LCD display 

  • HD recording and playing back

  • Auto channel scanning

  • Camera mount

  • Digital HD wireless video receiver(HDZero-VRX4)

  • Receiver Sensitivity with 4 antennas:-101dBm

  • Very low latency HDMI output(<1ms)

  • 5.5'' 800 nits 1280x720 LCD display 

  • HD recording and playing back

  • Auto channel scanning

  • Camera mount

4 antenna ps.png
  • Digital Video Recorder(HDZero-DVR)

  • Stackable  mount with VTX board

  • Share the same camera with VTX

  • Easy operation with one button

  • Supports up to 256GB microSD



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